Wo are we ?

TOMA. is a solution developed by Health For People.

Health For People is a healthcare start-up that uses technology and a content platform to deploy digital solutions in order to operationalize healthcare care pathways.

Our purpose

When humans harness the power of technology in the right way, they can revolutionize areas of our activity, and deeply change their everyday lives. Unfortunately, the world of health has not yet gotten the technology it deserves.

Health For people accelerates the digital transformation of healthcare by offering solutions that reinvent the relationship between patients and health professionals and enable the health industry to prepare the health of tomorrow around a core idea : to make care pathways operational.

Our goal is to create solutions that not only achieve better clinical outcomes and improve the overall patient health experience, but also facilitate the day-to-day work of healthcare professionals and optimize the resources of the health system.

“The doctor is an expert in diseases, the patient is an expert in his life.”

It is from the realization that these two worlds do not come together enough that has emerged the idea of a technological solution to bring them closer. This is why we developed TOMA.




Creation of the company


Deployment of our health education content offer


Deployment of the "Health For People" platform


Launch of TOMA. patients & professionals

Join us

We are constantly looking for talented people motivated by the idea of ​​changing the lines of an industry that has not yet been digitized.

Tech, Marekting, PM, UX etc…